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Journal Direction & Scope

Project Pulse is a dedicated platform for project management professionals, focusing on both foundational concepts and the latest trends in the field. It offers a balanced mix of articles that cater to a wide range of professionals – from those just starting out to seasoned managers. Key topics include practical overviews of methodologies like Agile and Scrum, insights into essential skills like time management, and guidance on career advancement, including obtaining project management certifications. This makes the journal an essential resource for practical learning and skill enhancement in project management.

Central to Project Pulse’s ethos is a commitment to current trends and advancements. The journal features articles that delve into the implications of new technologies like artificial intelligence in project management, alongside pieces that demystify industry-specific terminology. This approach ensures that readers not only stay abreast of the latest developments but also understand their practical applications in everyday management scenarios.

Project Pulse aims to be a go-to resource for project management practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge and enhance their careers. The journal’s scope is designed to be broad yet focused, offering content that is as informative as it is applicable. For authors, contributing to Project Pulse presents an opportunity to share expertise with a diverse and engaged audience, actively shaping the future of project management practice.

Project Pulse Submission Procedures

All authors agree to ROSEMET’s Authorization and Originality Certification when submitting, and all submissions must follow the Article Submission Formatting Requirements.

Please complete the following steps in sequence: 

1. Click on the payment link (here) to submit the article processing charge (APC).

Note: Articles are not reviewed until the manuscript submission charge is received, and the publication service charge (PSC) is not required unless the manuscript is accepted. 

2. You will receive your receipt upon payment. Please copy the receipt number because you will use it in the article submission form.

3. Click the green “Submit Manuscript” button at the bottom of this section to complete the submission form and upload your article for consideration. Remember: your submission must be in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format.

After the submission is received, you will receive an email notification from ROSEMET confirming your submission and containing your article tracking number.

If you have any questions or choose to email your article to ROSEMET, please do so at and place your receipt number in the message’s subject line.

ROSEMET is a for-profit Limited Liability Corporation publishing firm operating in the state of South Carolina, United States of America. See the publication charges webpage for the complete charge structure. It is important to note that not all institutions recognize publications in for-profit or author-paying journals for tenure and promotion. Please check with your college/university prior to submission.

Authors are strongly advised to review their manuscripts through, iThenticate, Originality.AI, or another similar originality detection software before submission. Please see the plagiarism section on the Standards in Publishing for ROSEMET page.