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A logo featuring a circular design composed of two overlapping teal segments, one darker and one lighter, with a white checkmark shape cutting through the center diagonally.


Nifty helps you manage projects and improve team collaboration with its intuitive dashboard and automation tools.

Perfect for keeping project milestone track.

A green checkmark symbol is centered within a circular outline, resembling a leaf shape. The design suggests a confirmation, approval, or successful completion. The background is transparent.


Flowlu offers extensive project and business management features.

Including finance and CRM tools, to provide a comprehensive management suite.

A stylized illustration of a sheep's face with a white woolly head and black face, featuring two white dot eyes. The background is a circle divided into four colorful segments: blue, red, yellow, and pink.


Taskade simplifies your project workflows by offering a unified space for your tasks notes, and communication, enhancing teamwork and efficiency. 

A colorful diamond-shaped geometric logo consisting of eight triangular segments. The segments are colored in shades of pink, red, orange, blue, and purple, symmetrically arranged to form the diamond shape.


Zenkit is your go-to tool for project management with features that cater to diverse needs. 

From kanban boards to Gantt charts ensuring project clarity. 

An orange rectangle sits above a pink circle and a blue square on a white background. The shapes are simple and filled with solid colors.


Build powerful applications and workflows with Softr, no coding required. 

Making it ideal for project managers looking to customize their management tools.

Red square icon with three white, angled check marks stacked one above the other. The check marks are evenly spaced and tilted to the right.


The fastest way to get tasks out of your head. Type just about anything into the task field and Todoist’s one-of-its-kind natural language recognition will instantly fill your to-do list. 

The image shows the logo of, featuring two diagonal bars and a dot. The bars are colored in pink and yellow, and the dot is green, arranged in a visually appealing, minimalist design against a transparent background.

Monday facilitates project tracking with a flexible platform that adapts to your project needs.

Project for managing multiple projects across any industry. 

A black-and-white, three-dimensional icon of the letter "N" on a cube, representing the logo of the productivity and note-taking software, Notion. The cube has beveled edges and the letter "N" is in a bold, serif font.


Notion serves as an all-in-one workspace where you can write plans and collaborate. 

And get organized, making it a versatile tool for any project manager.

A circular orange gradient icon with three horizontal white lines stacked in the center, and a small, semicircular white shape near the bottom.


Hive brings your team together with its powerful project management and collaboration tools designed to boost productivity and streamline workflows. 

A bold, white, uppercase letter "G" set against a dark green background, featuring a modern, geometric design with smooth corners and edges. The style is minimalistic and clean.


GanttPRO Gantt chart software is an easy to use tool to plan, schedule, and manage projects. It allows creating plans of any complexity within minutes.

A gradient logo transitions from purple to blue shades. The design features an interlocking loop with two smaller squares positioned at the top left and bottom right. The overall shape is slightly abstract, combining geometric forms seamlessly.


Infinity is a flexible project management tool where you can organize your projects, structure your workflow, create tasklists, store files, make notes, while keeping your team communication in sync.

The image shows the logo of Zoho, comprising four interlinked squares in red, green, blue, and yellow, respectively, arranged in a tilted manner. Below the squares, the word "ZOHO" is written in black uppercase letters. This design represents Zoho's dynamic collaboration with its affiliate partners.


Your life’s work, powered by our life’s work A unique and powerful software suite to transform the way you work. Designed for businesses of all sizes, built by a company that values your privacy.

A simple horizontal bar chart with three colored bars: blue, green, and purple. The blue bar is the longest at the top, indicating strong performance among affiliate partners, followed by a slightly shorter green bar, and the shortest purple bar at the bottom. No labels or numbers are visible.


TeamGantt is easy for anyone to use. No training required! Build a project minutes with drag and drop scheduling, and keep your team in sync and productive all the way to the finish.

The image features the Wrike logo, which consists of a combination of a green checkmark icon on the left and the word "Wrike" in bold, black, modern font on the right, symbolizing trust and efficiency that resonates with affiliate partners.


Discover the power of Wrike, a leading work management software. This comprehensive Wrike demo provides an in-depth overview of our robust platform, showcasing its unique features and functionalities.