Engage with Excellence

ROSEMET seeks to foster engaging dialogues that transcend barriers. Our goal is to share wisdom, build bridges, and foster an environment where ideas can flourish. Join us on a journey where each conversation is a step towards greater understanding and purpose.

Speaking Engagements

Open for Engagements

Rooted in a wealth of experience, Dr. Shick has conducted countless briefings, lectures, and discussions across various levels, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to service, leadership, and project management. ROSEMET LLC, under his aegis, warmly extends its offerings for speaking engagements, panel discussions, and guest lectures, infused with insights on leadership, project management,  change management, and support for individuals with invisible wounds. With dialogue as our instrument, we seek to forge connections and empower communities through knowledge sharing and purposeful engagement.

Speaker presenting to a diverse group of listeners in a bright conference room.