Professional team in a hybrid meeting with colleagues on a video call displayed on monitor, engaging in corporate strategy session, blending in-person and virtual collaboration.

Managing Virtual Teams: Strategies for Project Managers

Virtual teams represent a fundamental evolution in the realm of work, encapsulating collaboration where team members are geographically dispersed and rely on digital communication mediums to work together towards common project objectives. Virtual project teams have become common due to technology advancements, globalization, and the rise of remote work practices. 
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Diverse group of colleagues collaborating on a project around a laptop in a casual office space, emphasizing teamwork and creative brainstorming.

What is Value Delivery in Project Management

The system for value delivery refers to a structured framework and methodology used in project management. Project value delivery drives to fulfill its intended purpose and deliver tangible value that is aligned with the business strategy, with support from both stakeholders and business leaders. This system encompasses processes, principles, understanding…
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Two people in blue shirts are working at a desk covered with graphs and charts. One person holds a pen, pointing to a chart, while the other is holding a tablet displaying Monte Carlo Risk Analysis data. A laptop is partially visible on the desk. The focus is on the documents and the collaborative work.

Monte Carlo Risk Analysis in Project Management

During World War II, and shortly after that, Stanislaw Ulam, Nicholas Metropolis, and John von Neumann developed and refined a method known as Monte Carlo, drastically improving how risks are managed by providing insights into simulated risk scenarios. Monte Carlo Simulation is a quantitative risk analysis tool used in project…
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Business professionals discussing over a document, with a focus on hands pointing at a resume, suggesting job interview or agreement review.

Project Executing: A “How to” Guide

Project execution leverages the processes required to complete the work defined in the project management plan and to satisfy the project requirements and specifications. This process group is primarily concerned with executing the tasks identified in the work breakdown structure (WBS) and ensuring they are performed effectively and efficiently. Within this project…
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Business professional arranging colorful sticky notes on a glass wall during a project management and planning session.

How to Conduct Project Planning: An Overview Guide

Project Planning is a crucial phase in project management where a detailed roadmap for executing and controlling a project is developed. According to best practices from renowned standards such as PMBOK, Kerzner, and Meredith and Mantel, project planning encompasses a broad range of activities, from defining clear project objectives and deliverables to…
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Healthcare professional interacting with futuristic medical data analytics interface, highlighting digital innovation in medicine.

A How to Guide on Initiating a Project

Project initiation is the opening process in project management, where the project's foundation is established. This phase determines crucial information such as the project's goals, scope, deliverables, and key stakeholders. It articulates understanding in critical documents such as the project charter and business case, setting clear expectations and providing a…
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