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Our mission is to empower you to achieve excellence in project management and leadership. Discover our roots, values, and commitment to your success.


Our Legacy

ROSEMET was founded by Dr. Michael J. Shick, MSPM, PMP, CSM, with the vision to foster excellence in project management and leadership. Leveraging decades of experience in military service and academia, ROSEMET embodies the dedication to nurturing potential and delivering world-class training and coaching. 

An image of a compass with a gold needle pointing to the word ‘leadership’. The compass is surrounded by a white background with black lettering. The image is relevant to ROSEMET LLC's website because it illustrates the company's commitment to leadership. The keywords "leadership," "project management," and "excellence" are relevant to the image.

Core Values

Guiding Principles That Define  


We are committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency in our dealings.


We strive for aesthetic excellence and creativity in our offerings.


Our goal is to contribute positively to the lives of individuals and organizations.

Aim for Excellence 

At ROSEMET, our goals extend beyond providing quality training and coaching. We aim to create a community that thrives on continuous learning, to build relationships rooted in mutual growth, and to establish a legacy of excellence and empowerment in project management and leadership.

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