Dr. Michael J. Shick, MSPM, PMP, CSM

Empowering through Experience, Authenticity, and Dedication 


About the Founder

Dr. Michael Shick, the founder of ROSEMET, is an exceptional figure with a vast wealth of experience spanning various fields including the military, academia, and project management. He is a combat-wounded warrior and retired senior military officer, embodying resilience, determination, and expertise in all his ventures. His military background instilled in him a commitment to discipline and a drive for excellence, qualities that he carries into his academic and professional pursuits.

Dr. Shick holds a doctorate in business from Creighton University and serves as an Assistant Professor of Project Management at Western Carolina University. He also holds a Master of Science in Project Management from The George Washington University. His extensive academic background is further augmented by esteemed certifications, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM), solidifying his authority and expertise in project management.

Beyond his credentials, Dr. Shick is driven by a deep commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve project excellence. Guided by the principles of truth, goodness, and beauty, he dedicates his efforts to inspire and coach others on their journey to success. His unwavering dedication to educating and motivating others makes him a source of inspiration, a beacon for those seeking excellence in project management and beyond.

Honors & Accolades

Dr. Shick has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and service throughout his career. His distinguished tenure is marked by recognition at various levels, including Combatant Command Headquarters and Secretariat-Level Awards. A testament to his intellectual curiosity and dedication, Dr. Shick is a multiple scholarship recipient, which has facilitated his pursuit of higher education and professional development. Beyond the accolades, his contributions reflect a genuine devotion to the values of truth, beauty, and goodness. Dr. Shick's achievements are a harmonious amalgamation of leadership, service, and intellectual rigor, underscoring his commitment to personal and community betterment.   

Projects & Impact

Dr. Shick has led numerous notable projects that have had significant impact. He coordinated a multifaceted program for over two hundred wounded warriors and support volunteers, spearheaded change management initiatives, implemented Lean Six Sigma processes to reduce workflow processing time significantly, and various agile, hybrid, Information Technology, and waterfall projects.

An image of a group of volunteers working together to coordinate a simulated program for wounded warriors. The volunteers are smiling and looking at each other. The image is relevant to ROSEMET LLC's website because it shows the company's commitment to helping others. The keywords "project management," "volunteerism," and "wounded warriors" are relevant to the image.

Knowledge & Insight 

Dr. Shick has contributed immensely to academia and knowledge-sharing. His dissertation focused on trauma-exposed employee work performance and the interplay of PTSD, organizational support, and authentic leadership. He has authored articles on artificial intelligence (AI) in organizational effectiveness, case studies, and is currently working on a book proposal discussing leveraging AI in project management. He has also delivered hundreds to thousands of briefings and has presented lectures on various topics, to include change management and supporting individuals with invisible wounds. 

An image of a word cloud in the shape of a brain, highlighting keywords from Dr. Shick's dissertation defense on PTSD, trauma, leadership, and performance. The keywords are relevant to Dr. Shick's work on helping those who have experienced trauma. The image is also relevant to ROSEMET LLC's website because it shows Dr. Shick's commitment to research and education.

Inspiration & Legacy

Dr. Shick's motivation stems from the desire to support those who have experienced trauma, helping them overcome challenges through education, employment, and social interaction. He developed a framework supporting wounded warriors’ recovery process and is a driving force in reducing stigma and promoting help-seeking behavior for individuals suffering from invisible wounds. His legacy lies in the profound impact he has made in the lives of countless individuals through his leadership and commitment. 

Continuous Growth

Dr. Michael J. Shick firmly believes in the transformative power of continuous learning. As an advocate for lifelong education, he encourages individuals to embrace a continuous learning mindset. This growth-centered outlook is pivotal in achieving personal and professional success in an ever-evolving world.

Empower Your Journey with Dr. Shick

Dr. Shick's approach to training and coaching is grounded in the principles of truth, beauty, and goodness. With a humble yet empowering touch, his insights and guidance can nurture your intrinsic potential and facilitate a journey of meaningful growth. Engage with Dr. Shick through training, coaching, or by following his enriching perspectives on social media.


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