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Article Submission Formatting Requirements


Authors must follow these guidelines closely for their manuscript to be considered for publication on ROSEMET’s site. Manuscripts that do not predominantly meet these requirements will be returned for revision and resubmission.

  1. Document Type and Spacing

   - Only Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) submissions are accepted; PDFs are not.

   - Manuscripts should be single-spaced throughout.

  1. Title Page

   - Title: Bold, black, 16-point Times New Roman font, centered, max 12 words. Capitalize only the first word, acronyms, and proper nouns.

   - Authors and Affiliations: Listed immediately after the title, centered, in 12-point font, not bolded. Do not include email or contact information.

   - Abstract: Include a max 250-word abstract, not bolded or italicized.

   - Keywords: Provide 5-6 keywords one line below the abstract, starting with "Keywords:" and separated by commas. Do not bold.

  1. Manuscript Text

   - Begin the introduction on the page following the title page.

   - Text should be in black 12-point Times New Roman font and left-aligned.

   - Use 1-inch margins on all pages, including tables, graphs, and figures.

  1. Point of View

   - The manuscript must be written in the third person; do not use first-person pronouns.

  1. Headers and Footers

   - Include a right-aligned running footer with the first few words of the title, in 12-point Times New Roman font. No italics or page numbers.

   - Section headers should be left-aligned, bold, and in all caps; subheaders should be mixed case. 

  1. Formatting

   - Do not use bold text or italics throughout the manuscript, except in references.

   - Indent the first line of each paragraph by 0.5 inches and do not leave extra lines between paragraphs.

  1. Citations

   - Use APA formatting for citations and references or another accepted academic style, but do not mix styles.

   - Manuscripts must be well-cited with a minimum of three academically appropriate sources.

  1. Graphics and Tables

   - Include all graphics, charts, and tables in an appendix at the end and reference them in the text.

   - Pages must be in portrait orientation; resize or rotate wide graphs or pictures as necessary.

  1. Length and Size

   - Standard manuscripts should be between 3 and 18 pages, including references and appendices.

   - The maximum file size is 1/2 megabyte.

  1. Originality and Content

    - Submissions must be original; previously published work is acceptable under certain conditions.

    - Manuscripts will be subject to plagiarism checks; more than 5% non-original content will necessitate revision.

    - Content must not contain any profanity, discriminatory statements, or personal attacks.

  1. Right to Publish

    - ROSEMET has the right to refuse publication or remove content without cause.

For the latest submission procedures and any potential updates to these guidelines, authors are advised to visit the ROSEMET website at prior to submitting their manuscripts. Submission of a manuscript to ROSEMET implies agreement with these guidelines.